The Great Catsby is now known as Chico Cat Cafe


Why the change?

Originally, our name paid homage to John’s rare book business roots and our love of cats. Smart businesses recognize gaps in the market and seek to fill the need. While we have accomplished this goal, we also know that we are growing and growing businesses need to grow along with their name. So now our name more accurately reflects and celebrates Chico and our cat-loving community. We ARE Chico’s Cat Café!


What does the new name mean to Chico?

Our new name, Chico Cat Café, gives us increased online visibility, which is a fancy way of saying that now more people can find us! Cat Lovers Google “Chico Cat Café” to find us, not “The Great Catsby” – while our original name is unique, what it is not is memorable. Our new name does not get lost in translation. We now connect succinctly with our growing audience.


What is different about us now?

Honestly, not that much! We have become a destination for events and first dates, even hosting cat-centric paint and sips, emerging authors book signings and school field trips for young cat enthusiasts. Our Nine Lives Wine Lounge is now open and functions during our private events. Our origin story is the same – that of a sea-tossed kitten, abandoned by no fault of her own during a disaster, to be found wandering the dangerous and dark streets of Paris at a time in history ripe with the horrific realities of animal cruelty and neglect, where she fortuitously arrives at the stoop of her forever person – and we vow to continue our tradition of rescuing and saving kittens from the sea of uncertainties of a homeless life.


What can customers expect after the renaming process?

For cohesiveness and to further position us for success, we will be rolling out a plan to cast a wide net to get the word out about our name change, which will involve changing our social media accounts and our outdoor sign, as well as making alterations to our mewsletter, website and involving other media outlets to help increase brand awareness. Our customers can expect more of the same feline-centered activities that have made us a loving and welcoming cage-free community hub for connecting cats to people in the only way coffee can.


What is next for Chico Cat Café?

We have more rescues to partner with and more cats to find ameowzing homes for!

What have we accomplished in the past year? We are approaching our 1st anniversary!

  • We have helped save over 80 at-risk cats and kittens from euthanasia and certain death and danger on the streets. Our goal has always been 1 adoption per week and we are expecting to break 100 by the end of November!
  • We have raised tens of thousands of dollars for our rescue partners up and down the North State and we just recently welcomed our new rescue partner, Catnip & Cattitude, making them the 6th rescue we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year!
  • We have made a name for ourselves as the go-to-place for fun cat-themed events, including Friday Night Mewvies, Cat & Craft, our cat-themed Jewelry classes, Kids N Kitties, our children’s storytime, Harry Potter Trivia and Paint N Purrs, our take on the exciting Paint & Sip event.
  • We have formed strong and innovative strategic partnerships with our neighbors, including Cal Java, Nash’s Restaurant and many talented local artists whose works fill our walls and cabinets.
  • We have raised awareness of local cat welfare and the need for finding homes for cats in a new and engaging, cage-free way.

Next up for us is the unveiling of our first children’s book, Little Cat Lost, the origin story of our mascot, Babette, and her journey to her forever human. More alliances are in the works as well including a partnership with Hotel Diamond, our own in-house publishing projects that we think our community will love.and…our own private label blend of coffee, both just in time for the holidays!


About Chico Cat Café Wine Bar & Lounge:

Chico Cat Café ( is Chico’s furrst Cat Café, a 1910s-1920s French-inspired foster space for rescue cats and kittens. Chico Cat Café is a modern incarnation of the original cat cafes from Taiwan that were established in the late 1990’s. This cafe differs slightly in that there is an assortment of prebottled drinks and prepackaged snacks in addition to brewed coffee from a local partner café. The focus is the cats, not the menu, and the main cat lounge serves as a temporary foster home and feline activity center of sorts where at-risk cats and kittens can be socialized and cared for until they find their forever homes. Potential adopters can take a class, workshop or attend a feline-centric event and learn about cats while relaxing and de-stressing with these cute bundles of energy. Chico doesn’t need another coffeehouse – Chico needs a forward-thinking business with a mission and vision to help make the community better. Chico Cat Café is proud to be the area’s first feline-centric café business model with the mission of revolutionizing cat adoption and cat welfare.


Contact Information

Jodi Belongie, RVT
Chico Cat Café
1725 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95926