House Rules & Catiquette


All rules are meant to allow everyone - cats and humans alike - to have a great time.
Please note, we reserve to right to ask guests to leave if they do not follow the rules or are disruptive.

Prior to entering the lounge, you will review your waiver and go over House Rules and Catiquette. You will also take this time to sanitize your hands.

House Rules:

  1. Remove your shoes ONLY if it’s muddy or raining. You can place them in the show caddy inside the vestibule.
  2. You ARE allowed to bring in outside food and drink. BUT please only do so while you are seated. Please do not allow the cats to eat your food.
  3. Watch the doors. When entering or exiting, one door must be closed at all times to ensure the cats stay inside. Please let staff know when you are leaving so they can help look out for escape artists.
  4. 50-minute cat visits: Cat lounge visits are 50 minutes long, so that we have time to clean between sessions.
  5. Respect our furniture AND the cat furniture! Unless you are a cat, NO running on the cat wheel or climbing on the cat wall structure or any of the cat trees.
  6. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone with COVID-19, please reschedule your visit.
  7. At least one adult (18+) needs to be present for every two (2) children under 15 years. There should be an adult per two children. We ask that adults and children are together when they meet and interact with our cats. Please note that guardians are responsible for the actions of their minors and should make sure they follow the rules Only parents or guardians may sign a waiver for their child under the age of 15.
  8. Take lots of pictures! But please no flash.
  9. Please be advised that all rooms are monitored and recorded 24/7. You accept that you will be on camera and recorded during your visit. These rules will be strictly enforced for the tranquility of the cats and other visitors.


General cat etiquette (Catiquette):

  1. Be gentle with the cats. Please don't chase cats. If they walk away after you pet them, they need a break. Not all cats like being picked up, so please ask the cat lounge attendant first.
  2. Let the cats come to you. We have a few cats that are still acclimating to our space and may run if approached. LET THEM. They will come to you when they are ready!
  3. Picking up cats: Please ask the staff before picking up the cats. Some may not like being picked up and prefer to play. Please DO NOT pick up sleeping cats – it’s ok to pet them, though!
  4. Holding cats: Holding cats is fine BUT please do not carry them across the room. If you would like to hold a cat, please stay seated while you do so.
  5. Cats get scared easily! Please no running, jumping, stomping, throwing toys or tapping cats with the toys, or yelling. Keep laser pointers directed at the ground NOT at a cat’s face! Quiet feet and hands in the lounge, please!
  6. Use a library voice! Cats get startled easily by loud noises. Please refrain from screeching or squealing.
  7. PLEASE DO NOT pull any of the cat’s tails.
  8. Cats sleep a lot. Please don't wake the cats, but give them lots of pets for happy dreams.