Why do you charge an admission fee? Where does my cat lounge admission fee go?

Our cats are amazing, but they don’t pay their own bills. The small entrance fee is necessary to cover the cost of housing our feline friends in a comfortable and chic environment – we want them to have plenty of room, lots of nooks to snuggle in and structures to climb, and tons of toys to help them stay engaged and happy.

Behind the scenes, we have lots of costs associated with having sufficient staff to keep the cats safe, and the frequent cleaning needed to keep both you and the cats healthy. It also covers extra supplies that our rescue partners cannot provide – kitty wipes, extra litter, food, treats, beds, first aid animal needs, eye drops, OTC meds, etc.

100% of adoption fees are given directly to the rescue or shelter responsible for the cat. In addition, most often the adoption fee doesn’t even cover the full cost of vetting and care the rescue or shelter has put into the cat. Which is why we do not ask the rescue/shelter to split the adoption fee with us.

The entrance fee charged is how we are able to pay for the rent, utilities, food, supplies, and caring staff for the kitties.