Sparrow is a handsome 11/2 year old white boy with spectacular splashes of of orange. He’s looking for a change in luck and a chance to show his forever human how sweet and loving a cat can be! He’s had a couple unfortunate circumstances in his young life: His first human was moving and couldn’t take him with them. so they reached out to our rescue partner for help. It is very obvious Sparrow has been well-cared for – he is a large mellow boy who loves attention and adjusts remarkably well in new situations. He lived with medium to large sized-dogs at this home and got along splendidly. Sparrow was soon after placed into a foster to adopt situation with a human who had a German Shephera that wouldn’t calm down (Sparrow was fine – doggo was simply too excited to live with a cat!). His current foster prior to joining us at Chico Cat Cafe reports him to be loving and cuddly. Will he call YoUR home his forever home?


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