Sadie is 1 of 5 kittens born on Independence Day weekend last year! They were found in a backyard without their mama on a very hot California day, so our rescue partner stepped in to find a foster for the little sweethearts. Now 7 months old, Sadie has only 1 goal all day – to give and get LOVE. Is she up for lap time? YEP. Cuddles? YEP. Playtime? YEP and she loves to play and wrastle with her siblings. Sadie is the attention hog of the bunch – she gets jealous if you spend too much time with any one sibling – it’s supposed to be all about her! Sadie does very well with cat-friendly dogs, especially small dogs (think Chihuahuas). She is a fun-loving cuddler who wants you and your bed all to herself!


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