Ray Ray

Little Ray (Ray Ray) is the yin to his sister, Sassy’s, yang. For every bit of sass and frass that his sister displays, Ray Ray is equal parts laid back and playful. He will zig when she zags. He will be chill when she is ornery. He will have the zoomies when sis is sleepy. Ray Ray was locked in a house with his sister and mama for 4-5 days without food or water when a kind person found them and took them in. He loves to play with his sister, Sassy, with whom he is bonded, as well as littler kittens and young kids (and he loves to be the instigater He and his sister think they are part of the next generation of WWF but they have to be reminded often that life is not all about wrestling! Sometimes kittens need to be cuddled and kissed on, which is just fine with Little Ray. You will never have to ask permission first!!


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