We’ve had some kitties with unusual names grace our lounge (remember Fishie, Dr. Baker the Biscuit Maker and Indiana Jones?) BUT we’ve yet to meet a cat as cute with a name even cuter than Q-Tip! Q-Tip was named (with Johnson & Johnson’s approval) for the adorable white tip of his tail. This handsome 2 – 1/2 year old brown tabby with white bodied boy showed up at his foster’s house across the street from the cemetery where, unfortunately, a lot of folks choose to dump cats and decided to stay a while. He was so stunning and kind that she mistook Q-Tip for a female! His foster knew he needed help because he had the sweetest disposition – he was so kind to other cats and people – the kind of guy who fits right in wherever he goes! At the moment, he’s a little intimidated by the other cats and his new environment but given space, time and love, he’ll start to make his way out of the cat room…and hopefully right into YOUR heart!


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