Nellie! Wait…who is this? That’s right…Nellie has only been here a few days, not long enough to properly photograph her or showcase her on the interwebs…and she already claimed her new human 🎉 ❤️ 9 month old Nellie was left behind to fend for herself at an apartment complex in Willows after her people were preparing to move out of state. They had been trying to find a home for her for a while and could not do so. At the last minute, they decided to take her with them BUT she jumped out of the car as they were leaving and they left without collecting her. TWO months later, she was finally spotted and a volunteer from our rescue partner was able to secure her and keep her safe. Nellie Belly is a total sweetheart – super gentle, extremely affectionate and has been raised alongside children. Thank you for adopting this loving tuxie – When Kaelin came in to visit us initially, no cats seemed especially taken to her and she left feeling unneeded. Today, we are so pleased to announce that upon seeing Kaelin, Nellie made a mad dash for her and promptly jumped into her lap, plying her with kisses and head bumps. From the car, into her forever lap – way to go Nellie! Take note folks: sometimes the place you originally came from is not meant for you. If so, follow Nellie’s lead and jump into a new life! 😻🐈‍⬛


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