Born to a feral mama in April 2023, Fluffy’s cat mama did a fantastic job of caring for her and her 3 siblings, living a relatively care-free outside life in Red Bluff for a little over a year. February 2024 finds Fluffy learning that the feral outside life is NOT ideal for cats…after an illness living outside in the cold and wet winter, Fluffy started to show signs of having an URI. This URI has permanently affected Fluffy’s lungs – she snuffles and has moments of struggling to breathe. Not only that, her foster’s vet reports that she is almost 100% blind and upon adoption will be referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist to fully assess her ocular changes. Fluffy will need to be strictly inside only and THE only cat in a household where she has one human to care for her and keep her in kisses and safely tucked inside. Since she is a special needs girl, Fluffy cannot join us at the café – we do not want to risk her becoming stressed due to the amount of traffic we have here in the lounge and potentially subjecting her to germs that she may not be able to ward off. Fluffy is the first cat to be part of our Purrivate Pawtners Program where certain cats who can’t come to our café for a specific reason can be allowed to stay in their foster homes offsite until adopted. We will still showcase her and cats like her on our website and Facebook page but they won’t be physically present here. *If you are interested in a meet and greet with Miss Fluffy, please let us know so that we may arrange a private appointment with her foster, as she is located in our offsite foster space*


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