Super-affectionate Dusty was found wandering on a road in Durham when he was 12 weeks old. Unfortunately, the family who found him and took him in (thank you!), had a child with serious allergies and they couldn’t keep him, reaching out to our rescue partner for help. Dusty is a 10-month-old white and gray beauty who is quite the attention-seeking lap cuddler! In all seriousness, if you as much as look at him or say his name, either his rear end rises in anticipation of scratches or he rolls onto his side with his belly out begging you to come over and say hi (and though all cat lovers know this gesture as an infamous TRAP) Dusty wants to lure you in for snuggles only LOL Do you know what else is amazing about this handsome fella? He LOVES water – hanging out in the sink or shower is his thing. He also gets along fantastically with other cats, dogs and kiddos alike! He gets VERY vocal when he gets comfortable with you and he says sleeping with humans is the cat’s pajamas!


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