2-year-old Colt, in all his regal Tuxedo gorgeousness, was born in a rice field along with his seven siblings out in Robbins. His family’s owners were homeless and when they loved out of the area, they left the cat family behind. Our rescue partner was tipped off to the news of the cat’s whereabouts, so they attempted to rescue them. The rescue operations took over 4 hours but they successfully trapped all cats. Colt’s female siblings were already pregnant and gave birth before the rescue could get out to the location to start the trapping. Mama is living with her foster family and Colt, like Ghost, is the last remaining baby to be adopted. Colt met Ghost at their foster home and quickly became BFF, so much so that they must be adopted together! Colt is an under-the-feet sort of cat, so his new human must be cautious since he LOVES to hang out by legs and feet where he is always seeking attention He is a self-described lap cat who enjoys the company of other cats and cat-friendly doggos.


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